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Plantar Wart FAQ

Plantar warts are growths that occur on the bottom of the foot; generally appearing on the sole, heel, or the ball of the foot. The pressure from standing and walking pushes them into the skin, which can cause pain to the area.

While planer warts are harmless, and can go away on their own –often, they’re uncomfortable –and may require treatment.

If you’ve noticed a planter wart on your foot, here’s what you should know about these growths.

What is a Plantar Wart?
Plantar warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Like all warts, plantar warts are caused when a virus that invades the skin through tiny cuts and scrapes in the skin. They are commonly contracted in public areas such as swimming pools or showers since the virus thrives in warm, moist conditions.

Are They Contagious?
All warts are contagious, and you should take precautions to avoid spreading them. It’s important to cover them with a bandage when swimming, and to wear swimming shoes when using communal showers.

How Can I Prevent Them?
The only way to prevent planter warts is by avoiding contact with the human papillomavirus. Avoid walking barefoot in public areas, and don’t share towels, socks, or shoes with others. Keep in mind that even if a person doesn’t have warts, they may still be carrying the virus –so it’s best to exercise caution.

While planter warts are more common in children, since most people develop immunity to the virus with age, anyone can develop planter warts.

If you suspect that you have a planter wart there’s no need to suffer! Treatment options are available. Contact a podiatrist for more information today.

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