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Don’t Tiptoe Around Foot Care

Foot care is something that many people overlook. But while you may not realize it, caring for your feet is important. Not just for your feet, but for your overall health and wellbeing. Your feet are the foundation of your body. Just like you wouldn’t ignore the foundation of your house –you shouldn’t ignore your feet. Your feet are an […]

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Revitalize Your Feet

Let’s face it –your feet have put up with a lot throughout the year. From being stuffed into boots in the winter, to being subjected to sandals in the summer. But while our feet are often forgotten about, it pays to look after them. Not only will this help to reduce the chance of infection or injury, it can also […]

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Dry, Cracked Feet – Causes and Prevention

The skin on your feet is one of only two places that have no oil glands, the other being the palms of your hands. Because of this, the feet are naturally dry, but if left uncared for, they can become problematic. If you don’t care for your feet, they eventually become dry and cracked. Not only is this unappealing, but […]

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4 Steps to Finding the Perfect Pair of Shoes

One of the worst things you can do to your feet is to buy the wrong shoes. While many people love shoe shopping, finding shoes that fit properly and comfortably can be a frustrating process. However, the benefits of a supportive shoe far outweigh any inconveniences and challenges that may occur while shoe shopping. To help make your shoe-shopping experience […]

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