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Preparing Your Feet for Winter

For most people, the summer months are the time to spend time prepping your feet to be seen. But just because you aren’t going to be wearing sandals too much during the winter months doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some time preparing them for the cooler months ahead.

Chilly weather can be hard on your feet, so it’s important to take some time to ensure they are in good shape, and ready for the cooler weather ahead.

Choose Good Socks
It may sound odd, but good socks can make a big difference for your feet in the winter. Choosing the right socks can help keep your feet warm during those long winter months. Finding the right type of socks can help keep your feet warm and ward off frostbite. Consider a pair of socks that are wool or cotton to help to keep your feet extra warm. You should also avoid socks that aren’t too tight around the ankles.

The Right Footwear
Perhaps the most important thing you can do for your feet during the winter months is to wear proper footwear. Choosing footwear that is waterproof can offer a layer of protection against the elements. Make sure that you dry your footwear before wearing them; if your shoes or boots become wet make sure you change them out before putting them on again. Wearing wet shoes or boots can lead to fungal infections.

Proper Foot Care
Finally, even though your feet aren’t out on display, it’s still important that you still care for them during the winter months. Exfoliating and caring for your feet and toes is especially important in the winter to ensure that you don’t get a foot fungus. Take a few minutes each night to care for your feet to help keep them in healthy condition.

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