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Common Foot Skin Conditions

All too often, we leave our feet in sweaty shoes for long periods of time, leaving our feet susceptible to skin conditions that can develop over time.

By knowing what to look for, though, and how to treat these conditions, you can prevent them from getting worse or becoming painful.

Eczema and Rashes

Sweaty feet can cause rashes and even eczema. Wearing nylon socks in plastic shoes or shoes that are too tight can prevent your feet from getting proper airflow and aggravate the problem. Changing your socks regularly, wearing cotton socks and letting your feet air every night can help keep many of these problems at bay.

Fungal Infections

Shoes create a perfect environment for fungal infections to grow. Fungal infections such as athletes foot and other nail funguses thrive in warm and moist environments. By not keeping your feet clean and dry, you’ll make it difficult for infections to grow, and can help to save yourself from a number of painful and potentially harmful infections.


Warts are the skin’s natural reaction to chronic viral infections. They present themselves as raised and painful sores that are often on the bottom of your foot. Warts can often be a result of an old puncture wound or sliver. Regardless, of the cause, it’s important to seek treatment for warts right away. If they do not respond to over the counter treatments you should seek medical attention.

Calluses, Corns and Blisters

Calluses, corns, and blisters are often the result of ill-fitting shoes, and are usually caused by friction due to the skin constantly being rubbed. While not usually dangerous or harmful, they can be uncomfortable and even painful. Prevention is your best option for blisters, but once a blister develops, it’s important to keep the area clean, and to allow the blister to heal on its own. Avoid bursting it. Instead, allow the fluid to drain on its own. When wearing shoes, cover it with a clean bandage to prevent infection. Treat calluses or hard skin that has built up over time by soaking your feet and gently exfoliating.

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