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Diabetic Foot Care and Safety for Winter

For people with diabetes, maintaining good foot care is important all year round. But wintertime comes with its own set of unique challenges, making the need for a well-established foot care routine extremely important. Because the feet are kept, ‘under wraps ‘during the winter, inside of socks and boots, it’s easy to forget about checking them periodically. But regular foot […]

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Bunions: What You Should Know

In most cases, bunions are fairly easy to spot: if there is an enlargement of the bone at the base of your big toe, there is a good chance that it’s a bunion. While bunions aren’t always harmful –if painful and left unattended, they can become more serious. Bunions are one of the most common forefoot deformities. The medical term […]

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Foot Care for People With Diabetes

While foot care is important for everyone, people with diabetes are more prone to foot problems, and therefore should make a special effort to remain diligent with foot care. People with diabetes often develop painful nerve damage known as, “peripheral neuropathy.” While neuropathy can affect the body as a whole, often the legs and feet are especially prone to problems. […]

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Recognizing and Preventing Ingrown Toenails

Most people don’t notice ingrown toenails right away. Since ingrown toenails are often painful, many people simply assume that the pain is due to a stubbed or injured toe. But when left unattended, ingrown nails can become worse; often turning swollen and red, or becoming infected. As the name suggests, ingrown toenails are nails that grow into the toe. This […]

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