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Taking Steps Towards Healthier Feet

Let’s face it –your feet are the most often-neglected part of your body. We only pay attention to our feet when they start to hurt. This is unfortunate since your feet have an important role to play –they bear your entire weight day after day, and support the rest of your body as well. Taking care of your feet is […]

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Running Injuries and Prevention

Running can be an excellent form of exercise –however, every time your foot hits the ground when running, it generates force that’s at least three times your body’s weight. You don’t have to hit the trails every day to sustain a running injury –simply running on the treadmill or jogging down the road can all lead to injuries. If you’re […]

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The Facts About Blisters

We have all had them: those painful and annoying bubbles that appear after taking a long walk in ill-fitting shoes. At some point most people will experiencing the annoyance of having a blister appear on their feet –usually at the most inconvenient times. Even if you wear good shoes, there’s still a chance that something will rub you wrong, and […]

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Athlete’s Foot: What You Should Know

Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that attacks between the toes. It is contagious and spreads quickly, presenting itself in red, cracked, and itchy feet. The fungus thrives in warm, dark, and moist environments –such as in your shoes and between the toes. It is commonly spread through public showers, gyms and other public places where you are barefoot. […]

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