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Athlete’s Foot: What You Should Know

Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that attacks between the toes.

It is contagious and spreads quickly, presenting itself in red, cracked, and itchy feet. The fungus thrives in warm, dark, and moist environments –such as in your shoes and between the toes. It is commonly spread through public showers, gyms and other public places where you are barefoot.

What Does Athlete’s Foot Look Like?
Athlete’s foot presents itself as a rash –with a white scaly rash with a red base. It is found on the bottom of the foot and in between the toes. Sometimes it appears as small blisters. It is often accompanied with a burning sensation and itching.

How to Prevent It?
While many assume that the name “athlete’s foot” means the fungus is strictly limited to athletes –anyone can get this fungal infection –which can be spread in a number of ways. Those who are in public areas such as gyms, locker rooms, or public shower rooms may be more at risk for infection since the fungus tends to thrive in these conditions, and is easily spread in these areas.

To help prevent yourself from being infected with athlete’s foot, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Dry between your toes after showering, swimming or getting wet
  • Wear breathable footwear
  • Always wear shoes in public locations –especially in public showers or pools
  • Wear socks that absorb sweat to help prevent your feet from being moist
  • Allow your shoes to breath in between wearing them

Athlete’s foot can infect anyone –take precautions to reduce the chance of this fungus spreading by taking care of your feet, and avoiding going barefoot in public, communal locations.

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