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Diabetic Foot Care and Tips for Cold Weather

While foot care is important year round, winter presents some unique challenges for your feet –especially if you have diabetes. The increased cold and moisture make it difficult to keep your feet healthy, and bring along addition problems such as numbness, poor circulation, as well as an increased risk of foot ulcers and infections.

Here are some tips for keeping your feet healthy this winter. Most tips fall under two categories: footwear and foot care.

Footwear is important year round –but during the cold winter months, footwear is especially important for maintaining healthy feet.

  • Socks – Wear socks to keep your feet warm, increasing circulation. Wearing thick, yet breathable socks is a good idea, since they’ll help to soak up extra moisture.
  • Shoes – Proper shoes or boots during the winter are also important. You should be sure to choose footwear that fit securely, while still offering some wiggle room in the toes. You should also choose shoes and boots that provide some warmth since often those with diabetes don’t realize their feet are cold. Of course, good traction is also important for the cold winter months.

Foot Care
Proper foot care during the cold winter months is important. If you notice an injury, infection, ulcer, or open sore –don’t delay in seeking medical attention.

  • Soaks – After a day out in the weather, warm your feet up by giving them a long soak. This will also allow you to check them over for discoloration, sores, or wounds you might not have noticed before. A short soak of about ten minutes should be long enough. Be sure to test the water with a thermometer to prevent you from scalding your feet unintentionally.
  • Moisturizing – Winter is rough on skin! Help prevent dry and cracking skin by keeping your feet moisturized. Avoid applying moisture between your toes though, since this can encourage infections.

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