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Tips to Keep Your Feet Looking Their Best

With the summer months drawing to a close, you might assume the days of pampering our feet are also behind us as well. We don’t mind spending countless hours giving our feet attention and care during the summer, but when winter comes the care goes out the window as our feet get stuffed into boots, not to be seen outdoors again until summer arrives next year.

But just because your feet aren’t wearing flip-flops and sandals doesn’t mean that your foot care needs to go out the window as well.

Keeping them in good shape during the winter can help them to be healthy and in good shape when summer rolls around again, allowing you to put your best foot forward!

Moisturize and Hydrate
In the winter months your skin can become dry and cracked. In addition to this being painful, dry and cracked skin can also let bacteria in, resulting in fugal infections. Start by moisturizing your feet to help keep your feet smooth, soft, and healthy.

Our feet naturally exfoliate themselves during the summer months with the aid of sand. But in the winter, our feet are bundled up in socks and slippers. Since they spend most of their time covered up, we don’t pay a lot of attention to them! Consider exfoliating your feet, at least once a week to help keep them healthy.

Trim Your Nails
While pedicures don’t often happen as frequently during the winter months, it’s is important to keep your nails trimmed year-round! Improper trimming can result in ingrown toenails, so be sure to trim your nails well-trimmed during the winter as well.

An often overlooked area for your feet, especially in the winter, is exercise. Exercising your feet can help improve circulation and keep you warmer overall! Consider a few of these exercises this winter to help keep the blood flowing and your feet and toes healthy, year round!

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