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What is Toenail Fungus? How to Prevent It

Toenail fungus is a fungus that grows in the nail bed. Fungus thrives in warm, damp environments, and the toenail bed is an ideal breeding ground for it. Toenail fungus is common, roughly half of all discolored toenails are caused by fungus. However, if left untreated, this condition can worsen, causing pain –and discoloration. Toenail fungus starts as a white […]

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Nail Fungus? Laser Treatment Can Help

People suffering with nail fungus are often left embarrassed about the condition of their nails. The fungus found in the nail beds can cause nails to become thick, yellow, and brittle causing the nails to look unsightly. For some sufferers, the primary concern is cosmetic issues, but for many –the main issue is the fact that nail fungus causes a […]

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Hello world!

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