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Diabetic Foot Care and Tips for Cold Weather

While foot care is important year round, winter presents some unique challenges for your feet –especially if you have diabetes. The increased cold and moisture make it difficult to keep your feet healthy, and bring along addition problems such as numbness, poor circulation, as well as an increased risk of foot ulcers and infections. Here are some tips for keeping […]

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Overuse Foot Injuries

An overuse injury, as the name suggests –is a type of muscle or joint injury, that’s often caused by repetitive motion. Overuse injuries of the foot can occur adults and children alike, but are common among athletes–especially those who do a lot of running or sports that involve contact with the feet such as soccer or football. Let’s look at […]

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Proper Foot Care and Diabetes

Foot problems are a major concern for those with diabetes and are a common cause of hospitalization. Diabetes can cause a lack of sensation and poor circulation in the feet. This can be dangerous, since it makes it difficult to detect foot problems when they first arise. If you have diabetes, it’s important to be diligent about foot care. Here […]

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Keeping Your Feet Moisturized

Winter can wreak havoc on your skin. The dry, cold air can zap the moisture straight out, leaving it dry and cracked. When our skin loses moisture, it naturally becomes dry. To help combat this problem, it’s important to moisturize –especially in the winter. Unfortunately, while we often remember to moisturize our hands and face –our feet are often forgotten. […]

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