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Nail Fungus? Laser Treatment Can Help

People suffering with nail fungus are often left embarrassed about the condition of their nails.

The fungus found in the nail beds can cause nails to become thick, yellow, and brittle causing the nails to look unsightly.

For some sufferers, the primary concern is cosmetic issues, but for many –the main issue is the fact that nail fungus causes a lot of pain and discomfort.

Many people try various home treatments in addition to topical treatments and spend hundreds of dollars in an effort to get the problem under control. Creams, medication, and even in extreme cases –nail removal are all available treatments. But in many cases, these treatment options are not suitable. Oral medications carry the risk of side effects, and although extremely rare, it’s enough to cause concern for many. Many patients opt to treat fungus with medications and creams. While these can be effective, it can be a long process and discouraging to those who are suffering from toenail infection.

But a few years ago, a new treatment option entered the scene: laser treatment for toenail fungal infections.

Laser treatment is a relatively new approach to treating and eliminating fungus from the nail bed –and it causes little to no discomfort. The process is quick, pain-free, and effective in most cases.

Lasers like the PinPointe FootLaser targets the specific site of the fungus, and kills the organisms that cause the fungus to grow. While the treatment doesn’t clear the toenail completely right away, it does remove the organisms that are enabling the fungus to grow. It also allows for new, healthy nail growth and can even help to prevent the nail from growing back deformed.

While laser treatment destroys the organisms that cause fungus, it’s important to remain diligent in preventative measures, to keep the fungus from reoccurring. While some people are more susceptible to fungus than others, it’s important to make every effort to keep your nails clean, dry, and healthy. Fungus loves warm, damp environments and cannot grow when there isn’t the right environment.

Don’t let your fungal infection go without treatment. If left untreated, fungal infections can present serious problems. For information on nail fungus laser treatment, or to learn about the PinPointe FootLaser treatment, contact Houston-based podiatrist Dr. Lamarra at Shepherd Square Podiatry today.