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A Guide to Happy Feet This Winter

When it comes to our feet –winter can be a recipe for disaster.

With winter just around the corner –many of us are stocking up on various winter gear to help keep the cold snow and weather out of our boots. But it’s important to find footwear that’s not only waterproof –but also breathable. It’s also important to ensure that the footwear fits properly.

Taking a few extra minutes can help prevent your feet from taking a beating this year. Here are a few tips to get you off on the right foot this winter!

Choosing proper footwear in the winter season is often more difficult than any other time of the year. Finding something practical, weatherproof, as well as supportive can be challenging. It’s important to find proper fitting footwear –and to keep our feet dry.

  • Breathable Boots
    Believe it or not –there are boots that are both breathable and waterproof –two features that make an ideal winter boot. Airtight boots trap moisture which creates an ideal environment for fungus to grow. Breathable boots though, allow your feet to breath, and keeps the air circulating.
  • Socks
    Socks are an important part of your winter gear. In the winter months –you should opt for socks that are made of fleece or wool –since cotton absorbs moisture, trapping it next to your feet. These materials also help keep your toes warmer in the cold months.
  • Snow Gaiter
    A snow gaiter is especially helpful in climates that get a lot of snow. The gaiter wraps around your lower leg and prevents snow from slipping into your boot. During the winter season –getting snow in our boots can be a recipe for disaster. Wet feet inside of boots make the perfect breeding ground for fungus.

Take good care of your feet –don’t neglect them!

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