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Flip-Flops and Your Feet

When summer arrives, many people reach for their flip-flops –and make them their go-to choice for summer footwear.

But while flip-flops are often considered to be a true sign of spring and summer, unfortunately, you may want to think twice before donning them –no matter how popular they may be.

Flip-flops aren’t always the best choice for your feet, and there are a number of reasons that you’ll want to avoid wearing them this season. Here’s a look at a few reasons you’ll want to consider replacing your flip-flops with some comfortable and supportive sandals, or other high-quality footwear.

They Destroy Your Heels

Walking in flip-flops can cause a lot of damage to your heels, since they are constantly being slammed into the ground with only a thin piece of foam to cushion them. Walking in flip-flops for long distances increases the heel-strike impact which can lead to heel pain –not to mention it can cause unsightly callouses as well.

Damage Your Toes

Walking in flip-flops makes your toes work overtime just to keep them on. Over time, this can cause damage to the knuckle of your toes, giving you hammertoe –a condition that’s caused by having your toes bent in a certain position for too long. With hammertoe, the toes become stiff and painful –and eventually surgery may be required to correct it. Wearing shoes that offer better support, such as sandals with straps can help to save your toes in the long run.

Cause Blisters

With only a thin strap keeping your flip-flop on, you are prone to more blisters since that strap will rub against your foot every time you take a step. Irritation and blisters can leave you with an open wound that will make you more susceptible to disease and infection.

Lead to Potential Injuries

Finally, flip-flops don’t offer any support. They are a super flat shoe that doesn’t bend easily or support your foot. Shoes that lack necessary support can cause your posture can suffer, and can wreak havoc on your back, knees, and other joints as well.

Ready to throw your flip-flops out? You don’t have to go that far! Flip-flops have their place –and are ideal for wearing around the pool, in a public shower, or in other communal areas where you’ll want to avoid exposing your feet to the bare ground. Just avoid wearing them too frequently –and for prolonged periods of time.

Remember to take care of your feet –and try to wear supportive shoes!

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