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Tips for Younger-Looking Feet

We spend countless hours looking for ways to make our skin and faces look younger, and anti-aging creams are all the rage.

Our feet, however –are often overlooked when it comes to the antiaging process. This is unfortunate since there are many relatively easy techniques that can be used to help feet to look –and feel, younger.

It’s estimated that by age sixty-five, your feet will have carried you more than 75,000 miles –that’s a lot of mileage! Considering all your feet have done, the least you could do is give a few minutes to help them feel a little bit younger as well. You, and your feet, will be happier.

Here are a few steps to take you to happier, healthier, and younger-looking feet.

Clean Them Up
Clean feet are happy feet. After trudging all those miles –the least your feet deserve is to be kept clean. Keeping your feet clean is the first step in having younger-looking feet. While a general scrub might be enough to keep them looking their best, you can take things a step further by choosing a foot scrub or mask that will help exfoliate or smooth those rough spots.

A Little Pampering Never Hurt
Pampering your feet isn’t something strictly limited to spa days –in fact, you can treat yourself to your very own ‘spa day’ whenever you’d like. Giving your feet a nice relaxing soak after a long day is a great way to revive sore and tired feet.

Moisturizer is Your Friend
Finally, just like any other part of the body –moisturizer is important for your feet. Once your feet have been cleaned –slather on the moisturizer to help bring them back to life. If you apply moisturizer at night –consider putting socks on to help keep the good stuff in, and you will have younger-looking feet in no time.

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