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Five Surprising Facts About Bunions

While bunions are considered to be one of the most common causes toe joint pain, many people aren’t aware of what they are –or how they’re caused.

Trying to understand the cause and treatment options for bunions can be frustrating. Plenty of information is available –but not all of it is accurate. To help clear up common misconceptions about bunions, we’ve separated fact from fiction and put together a list of five surprising facts about bunions.

1. Bunions Are Not Bone Growths
The word on the street often seems to be that bunions are bone growths. However, bunions are actually caused from a structural misalignment of your big toe. The boney lump that forms is not a growth, but rather your bone realigning itself into an improper position.

2. Bunions Come in Many Sizes
There is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to bunions. Bunions can be small or large depending on the severity or the amount of time that has gone by. Bunions can be made worse by not taking proper care or getting treatment. Bunions generally start off small and become larger over time. The pain associated with bunions however, is not determined by size since small bunions can be as painful as large ones.

3. Improper Shoes Can Make Bunions Worse
Improper footwear such as high heels or pointy shoes can make bunions worse. Since high heels position the feet in an unnatural position, the bunion can be made worse over time. High heels also cause tightening of the calf muscle –which can increase your chances of bunions.

4. Bunion Products Can Help Alleviate Pain
The belief that there is no relief for bunions isn’t true. Bunion products can help reduce the pain that bunions cause, as well as help reduce the chances of them becoming bigger. There are a variety of bunion products that can help reduce pain as well as encourage proper alignment.

5. Bunions Often Run in the Family
While not entirely genetic, bunions do tend to run in the family. However, just because your family members have had bunions –does not mean you will be guaranteed to have bunions.

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