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Preventing Common Foot Issues

It’s no secret that the best treatment for many common foot issues is prevention. Of course, while some conditions can’t be prevented ahead of time, in many cases, giving your feet some much needed attention can help to stave off a number of painful foot conditions down the road.

With this in mind let’s take a look at some tips for preventing common foot issues. Read on to see how you can help your feel to stay as healthy as possible!

• Check Them Over
By spending a few minutes each day checking your feet over, you can help to prevent infections from spreading or becoming worse. It’s especially important to pay attention to your feet if you have diabetes. Check them over for cuts, scraps, or discoloration before giving them some extra care.

• Keep Them Clean
Washing your feet once a day is important to keep them healthy. Washing them in warm water with soap and wearing socks can help to protect them and keep them in good shape.

• Keep Them Moisturized
It’s also important to keep your feet moisturized. Dry cracked skin can make your feet more susceptible to infections. Keeping them moisturized and soft will help to prevent issues from arising.

• Trim Your Nails
Trimming your toenails is important; make sure you cut the nail straight to help prevent ingrown toenails. If your toenails are difficult to trim you might consider cutting them after a bath or soak since this will make the nail softer and easier to trim.

• Wear Proper Shoes
Wearing proper footwear can also help to keep issues and serious injury at bay. Always wear the proper footwear that’s designed for the activities that you are participating in to help prevent strains and other injuries. Refrain from wearing shoes that are too tight or loose, and always choose shoes that have proper support for your feet. Finally, be sure to break in your new shoes slowly to help prevent blisters.

Remember: preventing common foot issues is easier than treating them, take precautions today to prevent pain tomorrow.

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