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Exercises for Your Feet and Toes

We are all aware of the importance of building muscles and exercising routinely. Strengthening our muscles is important; but what about your feet?

While your feet are an often-overlooked part of the body –it’s worth spending some time exercising and stretching them, to keep them strong and flexible, and reduce your chance of injury.

The muscle groups in your two feet make up 25 percent of your body’s muscles, and neglecting them is like ignoring your upper body during a workout!

With this in mind, let’s look at a few exercises that you can use to help keep your feet fit, strong, and healthy.

Achilles Stretch

Start this stretch by leaning against a wall, palms flat against it, one foot forward and one foot back. With your heels on the floor lean forward. As you lean you will feel the pull in your Achilles tendon and calf. Do this stretch at least three times, holding for 10 seconds each.

Toe Stretches

Stretching your toes can help to keep them straight and aligned properly. This can also benefit those with hammertoes, bunions, or bent toes. Simply point your toes straight ahead for five seconds, then curl them under and hold for five seconds. Repeat at least ten times.

Pick Up Marbles

While it may sound silly, picking up marbles with your toes can be a valuable form of exercise. Start by placing 20 marbles on the floor in front of you. Then use your toes to grip the marbles and place them in a bowl.

Toe Pull

Start by putting a thick rubber band around the toes of each foot and spread your toes. Hold for five seconds, and repeat ten times.

Toe and foot exercises may sound basic and simple, but they can be extremely beneficial in strengthening your feet, and toes as well as helping to alleviate the pain caused common ailments such as bunions or hammertoes. Keep your feet healthy by doing the above exercises on a regular basis.

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