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Foot Care for the Summer Months

Summer is just around the corner, and for most that means bare feet and long warm nights.

While we all have to-do lists for this summer –chances are that foot care is not on your list. Still, it’s worth spending some time looking after your feet. Not only to keep them looking their best, but to help stave off fungal, bacterial, and viral infections –and help prevent issues, like bunions and hammertoe from occurring.

Keep your feet healthy and strong! Here are a few foot care tips that you should keep in mind for this summer.

  • Be Careful With Flip Flops

Summer may be the season of flip flops –but you’ll want to avoid wearing them if possible. Not only do they increase your chances of picking up an infection, you also open yourself up to potential injuries. Consider wearing water shoes or athletic sandals instead. You’ll also want to avoid going barefoot in public places or around the pool.

  • Remember the Sunscreen

Don’t just slater it on your arms and face –make sure you go all the way to your feet if you’re going to be wearing open-toed shoes and sandals. Your feet can get sun burned as well, and the tops of your feet are especially at risk.

  • Stay Hydrated

While it may sound basic, but staying hydrated this summer is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and your feet. Staying hydrated will reduce the amount of foot swelling that you experience due to the heat. Remember to drink up –your feet are counting on you as well!

  • Go Prepared

Finally, when you venture out this summer, don’t forget to bring along a few bandages. It has probably been a while since your feet have seen sandals, and you might end up with a blister or two –save the day by being prepared.

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