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Common Causes of Toe Pain

If you find yourself experiencing toe pain –you’re not alone.

Toe pain is a common problem –and can be caused by any number of issues –many of which, while painful, are not serious. However, in some cases –toe pain could be a sign that something is wrong. Additionally, sometimes toe pain doesn’t go away –in these cases, you’ll want to seek treatment.

With this in mind let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of toe pain.

Gout is a form of arthritis that causes joint pain, especially in the toes. Gout is caused from crystals collecting in the toe joint –which can cause pain and swelling. While there is no cure for gout, the pain can be alleviated by resting your foot, icing it, taking anti-inflammatory medications, and by avoiding foods that can make gout worse.

Bunions are large bulges along the side of the foot. Bunions generally form on the side of the foot by the big toe –although smaller bunionettes can form near the smallest toe as well. Bunions often cause pain but this can often be alleviated –even significantly by wearing shoes that offer enough room in the toe box –and provide adequate support.

Hammertoes are often caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes. With hammertoes, the toes all bend at the joint creating a hammer-like appearance. Often hammertoes can be corrected by wearing the right shoes as well as performing specialized toe exercises to return your toes to their normal position.

Ingrown Toenail
Ingrown toenails occur when the skin surrounding your toenail begins to grow over the nail. It is painful and can often lead to infections. Ingrown toenails are caused from improper cutting techniques or by wearing shoes that are too tight.

While many everyday causes of toe pain will often go away on their own, if your toe pain persists, becomes worse, or is accompanied by other symptoms such as redness or swelling you should seek medical attention.

You shouldn’t overlook the pain in your toes –instead, it’s important to determine what is causing this pain. This will allow you to address the pain, correct the problem –or take steps to prevent the condition from becoming worse.

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